Paper Submission:

Researchers, scholars and research students are invited to submitted their unpublished research papers (both original and review) in all areas of computing for consideration. All the accepted research articles will be published in Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Computing Technologies, Tools and Applications.

Author Guidelines:

  • Author(s) is/are encourage to submit the manuscript via email:
  • A cover letter must be submitted with the manuscript having all the details of the corresponding author and statement regarding the novelty of the research work. Moreover, a statement must be included that all authors have approved the manuscript for submission and declare no conflict of interest.
  • Submitted manuscripts must be written in English using standard IEEE two-column and single-space format using the template provided.
  • All the manuscripts must be submitted in MS-Word format using the template provided.
  • Authors are required to make sure that the paper is ready for publication and has been proof-read thoroughly.
  • The submitted manuscripts will go through double blind review process to judge the quality and novelty before acceptance.
  • The submitted manuscript must contribute novelty to the existing body of knowledge in the field of computing which must be significant and original.
  • Accepted research papers which must be maximum of twelve (12) pages will be published in the Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Computing Technologies, Tools and Applications (ICTAPP-23). One of authors must attend the conference to present his/her research work.
  • By submitting the manuscript to ICTAPP-23, it is assumed that all authors are agreed with terms and conditions of ICTAPP-23.
Paper Tamplet
Download template in MS-Word format